JCandray Engineering:
Civil/Structural Design and Consultant
​JCandray Engineering is flexible in not only taking large complex design projects but also small projects which are sometimes excessively delayed by your regular engineering design firm.

We are professionally bonded up to the industry standard equirements and open to increase coverage depending on the nature of the design projects and/or client requirements.

Our firm provides and supports services to clients such as: Public agencies, general contractors, Architects, and the general public.
In addition we target potential clients such as:

  • State Department of Transportation
  • City and county - public works
  • Home builders
  • General Contractors
  • License Manufactured Buildings installers
  • Swimming pool contractors
  • Architects
  • Home owners
JCandray Engineering Consulting:

Our consulting service includes conducting inspection and investigation of issues associated with deficient constructions - with the end result intended to provide cost effective alternative solutions. 
JCandray Engineering Service as a Design Partner

We are flexible in providing engineering service to not only full design construction project, but we also partner to provide only a portion of the total design in coordination with other design companies - with the intent to cut down on design costs or take on complex design challenges.

Hours of operation:
  • Monday                 8:00 AM   to   5:00 PM
  • Tuesday                 8:00 AM   to   5:00 PM
  • Wednesday           8:00 AM   to   5:00 PM
  • Thursday               8:00 AM   to   5:00 PM
  • Friday                     8:00 AM   to   5:00 PM

  • Closed on Holidays.

Service by appointment only - No walk in soliciting.